Join the Lake Dillon Fire Protection District

Until recently, most of the Lower Blue Valley between Silverthorne and Heeney has been a no-man’s-land, outside of any fire protection district.

In about 2006, whole subdivisions were invited to join Lake Dillon Fire District, if there was unanimous agreement of owners.  Then, 6 years ago, individual owners were invited to join, even if their neighbors declined to be included.  Now, of 185 possible No-Man’s-Land properties, 73 are officially included in the Fire District—about 40%.  The others have hesitated, primarily because of the associated increase in property tax, now $71.64 per $100,000, actual value.

We have a wonderful fire department, which has showed even more interest in the Lower Blue, since our owners have started joining. FOLBR strongly encourages everyone in “No-Man’s Land”, not already included in the Fire District, to join now!

The application process has been simplified—1 page.  The application fee is now   $100 for individual properties.

Please pick up the application form with directions on the back, or print it from this site:   .

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